BFVEA Flower Essence Courses

BFVEA Accredited courses are offered by  BFVEA Tutor members and their information is below.  These courses offer the student Advanced Practitioner Membership on completion.  An Anatomy & Physiology qualification is a requirement. 

Distant Learning Courses

There are now several courses in the UK being taught to BFVEA guidelines by Tutor members.  Successful students from these courses can be immediately accepted as BFVEA Practitioner Members with an Anatomy & Physiology qualification.

Prior Learning

The BFVEA accepts that people often learn from more than one source.  Individuals can request that prior learning from several places, certificated or not, plus self-taught topics, can be taken into account for Practitioner Membership by Experience. 

Tutors offering the full BFVEA course accept people wishing to attend small sections of their course, as study towards the Practitioner Membership.  Please approach the individual tutor.

Therapy insurance cover is required for all BFVEA Members.  BFVEA Block insurance

Sara Turner

Essentially  Flowers runs a  12 month part online/part attendance course featuring ranges of essences from around the world including
 Healing Herbs, Australian Bush, Alaskan, Fox Mountain, Spirit in Nature, Indigo, FES, Spirit of Beauty, Flora Corona and our own range Moonflower Essences. Audio interviews with many of the essence producers are featured recorded especially for this course.

Different learning options are available including the possibility of combining this Flower Essence Diploma with learning how to make aromatherapy products using blends of essential oils created for the chakras and 13 different colours.

Enrolling now for courses in 2016.  Attended weekends take place in South West France or in various locations within the UK.

For more information please visit  

Or contact Sara Turner  by emailing: or by phoning 020 3239 7256 (UK number) 

Sara Turner (BA Hons) PGCE, Cert Vib Med, Advanced Practitioner BFVEA Flower Essence Practitioner, Certified FloralAcupuncture  Practitioner, 
Essentially Flowers Training Courses

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Bonny Casel developed Quantum Botanicals, a synergistic approach to Mind-Body Healing supported by resonant plant frequencies, over the course of the last 10 years. She has been teaching Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, Iridology and Vibrational Plant Medicine since 1988, and is the founder and director of School of Natural Medicine, UK.She was fortunate to meet, and be inspired by, Stephen Hawking at an early age, and was introduced to Fractal Geometry and Quantum Physics by colleagues of her step-father . Over the years Bonny has integrated study of plant medicine with the work of leading scientists in a range of fields including quantum physics, biophysics, heart-brain coherence, psychoneuroimmunology, and mind-body research, to establish an approach to healing and teaching that embraces the vibrational reality that we all exist within. Bonny’s approach is grounded in practical healing processes that incorporate the vibrational healing potential of plant food, essential oils, flower essences and medicinal herbs into mind-body healing modalities.

This BFVEA accredited practitioner training programme touches all aspects of working in conscious partnership with nature.

Students can attend any or all of four three-day workshops, each of which focusses on a different aspect of flower and vibrational essences.  All four workshops combine to deliver a complete professional training programme in Flower and Vibrational Essences Therapy to Advanced Practitioner level.

Learn and study with experienced tutors, in the unique environment of this ancient holy well. Imagine the simple joy of making your own essence, or fulfilling your vision of becoming a practitioner or essence producer. These workshops will support, inspire and guide you at every level.

The Chalice Well is an ancient Holy Well situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, within the mystical landscape of Avalon. The healing waters that flow from the Red Spring have associations with the Holy Grail and help to make the garden a living sanctuary.  Chalice Well Essences are co-created to support the healing journey and evolve personal and spiritual capacities so that we can create the life we want and become all that we can be.

The Founder, Wellesley Tudor Pole, described the Chalice Well as

“a window into the wider realms of life and being, and also a channel through which Inspiration can pour and become more easily perceived and accepted than elsewhere”.

To find out more or to book your place

or call and ask for Natasha Wardle on

01458 831154

click here for Chalice Well brochure

Sue Lilly,

MandalaComplementary Studies (MCS),  “Llanddewi” Cefn Gorwydd
Llangammarch Wells
Powys, Wales, LD4 4DN

Tel: 01591 610792P.O. .

email: Website:

MCS is a National Open College Network Centre and a member of the Open College Network.  (Part-correspondence course also available)


Lesley Oates 


Tel: 01736 850 869; mobile: 07753 349686   post:  3, Lemin Park, Gwinear, Cornwall, TR27 5HJ 

Cornishwellessence Flower Essence Practitioner Courses and Learn to Share days give you the opportunity to start your flower essence journey with a practical awareness day to experience choosing and using essences and making your own flower essence, or start Practitioner training when you choose.  Courses combine home study with online support and contact sessions over 1 year.  Although based in Cornwall, Learn to Share days and Practitioner training courses are available throughout the UK.  Continual Professional Development points are awarded for Learn to Share days.

The Flower Spirit Advanced Practitioner Course takes place near Lancaster, northern England. Enrolling now for September 2018

We gather together as a small group for 10 single days and 4 residential weekends. During these experiential days, you can immerse yourself fully in learning about, making, and using essences within a supportive group environment.

We explore the Bach Flower Remedies and other popular essence ranges: Crystal Herbs, Alaskan Essences, LightBringer Essences. You will learn about the newer ranges from guest tutors who make them and know them best in person in dynamic group sessions.

You’ll make your own essences using a variety of techniques that deepen your intuitive connection with nature and open your subtle senses. This is magical and affirming, and gives you greater confidence in listening to your inner voice in all realms of your life. 

The strong focus on in-person group work means that you will deepen your ability to hold space for others, and have regular opportunities to practice key techniques for using essences with others with sensitivity and skill.
Each course day is designed for your learning and transformation including guided meditations, emotional check-ins during our sharing circle, opportunities to explore essences personally, and practices to deepen your connection with your own intuition and inherent wisdom. 
Contact Jackie Stewart for more information: