BFVEA Members have for some years been contributing their Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP) reports for our research into essence efficacy.  We have now prepared a report of the findings so far. 

Read for yourself the details of how a clinically significant change was shown accress a population of 114 clients treated with essences who presented with a range of emotional and psychological symptoms.

 MYMOP Research 2017


If you would like to view the video of MYMOP, What it is, How to use and what is a good MYMOP please click on the following link

To find out more about MYMOP please click on the following link .

If you are a BFVEA Tutor and would like your own copy of the complete video then please contact Dawn White.  We are unable at this time to send copies to all members, friends or visitors.




MYMOP is a patient-generated, or individualised, outcome questionnaire.  It is problem specific but includes general well being.  It is applicable to all patients who present with symptoms and these can be physical, emotional or social.  It is brief and simple to administer.

There have only been two versions in common use.  The first was available after the paper was published in the BMJ in 1996, and this was revised to MYMOP2 after the second validation study in 1999.

The BFVEA encourages all their practitioner members to participate in MYMOP research.