A small number of past issues of Essence magazine have been uploaded for you to download and enjoy reading.  Essence magazine is the official publication of the BFVEA.  If you would like to subscribe to Essence please click here for more details or log in to subscribe from the home page.
Spring 2017 - Articles Include

50 Days in the Far East - Part II - Erik Pelham
The Evolution of Human Civilisation - A Plant's Perspective - Bonny Casel
Space Clearing with Alaskan Essences - Debbie Sellwood
Farming the Wisdom of Flowers - Shelly Sishton
Saying from the World of Plants: Part 1 - Jan Stewart
Winter 2016/2017 - Articles include

Changing learned behaviours with flower essences - Dirk Albrodt
50 Days in the Far East - Part 1 - Erik Pelham
Mindful Meditation and Essences - Eileen Mullard
The Way of the Mariposa Lily - Helen Ward
Pollen, Essences and Common Toads: Helpers for Uncertainty - Jan Stewart
Autumn 2016 - Articles include

Inter Personal Energy Flows and Responsibility - Andrew Tresidder
A Plant Whisperer in Africa - Deborah Coulson
An Essence Blend for the Seeker - Bonny Casel
The Making of Rock Water Essence - Jan Stewart
Summer 2016 - articles include

Honouring the Child within - Karen Reid
A Bit of Bach Botany - Buds - Jan Stewart
Meet the Member - Lucy Hunter
New States of Cosmic Mind - Helen Ward
The Smiles of Flowers - Lila Devi
Journeying with Essences - Julie Bowman
Maintaining Personal Energy Integrity - Sue Lilly

Spring 2016 - articles include

Nature of Spring - Helen Ward
Crystal Herbs Devine Harmony Essences - Catherine Keattch
Promoting Essences in Vienna, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo - Erik Pelham
Some Things You May Not Know About Edward Bach - Jan Stewart
Suara Sound Peace Essence - Debbi Walker
Maintaining Personal Energy Integrity - Sue Lilly

Holding Your Own in the Age of Electricity - Rosemary Innes
The Impact of the Bach Flower Remedies on Stress - Sheila Hicks Balgobin
Some Things You May Not Know About Edward Bach - Jan Stewart
Spring Surprise - White Hawk
Maintaining Personal Energy Integrity - Sue Lilly
Autumn 2015 - articles include

In Your Element - Debbie Sellwood
Flowers for Wildlife - Libby Hopkins
Ian White Interview - Erik Pelham
Wild Child - Merri Walters
Maintaining Personal Energy Integrity - Sue Lilly
Kki Essences - Nikki Marianna Hope

Spring 2015 - articles include

Crystal Essences - Linda Bennett
Lichen Essences - Jan Stewart
A few thoughts on sensitivity - Andrew Tresidder
Helping animals heal - Jane Gilbey
Winter 2014/2015 - articles include

The Crystal Healing Cave - Marie Weston,
Arthur Bailey Memorial Lecture 2014 - Part 2
Using vibrational essences with children - Debbie Adamson
Proving: A process for Essence Makers? - Mary English
Teaching Intuitive Choosing - Andrew Tresidder
The Nature of Intention - Helen Ward
Autumn 2014 - articles include

Arthur Bailey Memorial Lecture 2014 - Part 1
The Bereavement Process - Anna Jeoffroy-Salmon
International Essence Conference in Japan - Ann Callaghan

Summer 2014 - articles include

The Purpose of Labryinths - Jan Stewart
Practice Notes - Chris Phillips
The Ammerdown Labryinth - Karen Reid
Love your Space - Rosemary Innes
Honneysuckle over the door - Stefan Ball
Helping Animals - Steve Johnson and Judith Poelarends

Spring 2014 - articles include

History of the Labryinths - Jan Stewart
Heart Centered Networking - Sara Turner
One Good Turn - Debbie Adamson
Sound, Light and Intension: Making Spirit of Makasutu Essences - Sheila Hicks Balgobin
International Essence Awarness Month - Ronnie Williams
The Caduceus: Symbolism and history - Debbie Sellwood
Aquilegius: An obsession - Carrie Thomas

Winter 2013/14 - articles include
Meeting Your Power Animal - Jan Stewart
Life Presidents - Jan Stewart
Wildflower a magical journey - part 2 - Paul Strode
Two short animal case studies - Charlotte Barrow
Animal quiz - Stefan Ball
Four Dogs and Two Cockatiels: Bach and other flower essences - Margaret Hanson
Marvin (1989-2009) and Poppy - Sara Turner
IEAM - Ronnie Williams
The Year of Transformation and the dance of the butterfilies - Erik Pelham
Buster's story - Dawn White
Mother Tincture is no more - Jan Stewart

Late Summer 2013 - Articles include

Clean Questions - What are they? - David Corr
A Glimpse into the Soul's Journey through Life - Part 1 - Dominique Le Bourgeois
Wildflower - a magical journey Part 1 - Paul Strode
Mediterranean Essences - Angie Jackson
Embracing the Path of the Sun - Helen Ward
How Big a Word is 'Holistic' - Tony Richardson

Autumn 2013 - articles include

If You Go Down to the Woods Today - Jan Stewart
Helping Animals - Stefan Ball
Flower Essences and our Furry Friends- Sheila Hicks Balgobin
IEAM - Ronnie Williams
Edward Bach - part 2 - Dominique Le Bourgeois
Experiences of an Animal Practitioner - Jane Stevenson
Treating Animals - The Legal Position  

SPRING 2013 - articles include:

Plant and essence profile - Essences from Fungi - Jan Stewart
Fear - Rachel Singleton
Journeying and Essences - Debbie Adamson
Electrosensitivity and Essences - Sheila Hicks Balgobin
Dr. Andrew's recommended reading - The 5 love languages of Gary Chapman

WINTER 2012 - articles include:

Essence making - Enlightenment - Cathy Welchman
Light Feet - (Part 1) - Debbie Adamson
The Power of the Few - Dr. Andrew Tresidder
Plant and Essences profile - Forest Floor Essences - Jan Stewart

WINTER 2012-13 - articles include:

Plant and essence profile - Horsetails - Jan Stewart
Rosegold Celtic Harp Essences - Julie Darling
Exploring the Nature of Sound (part two) Clare G Harvey
Plants and Music - Jan Stewart
Sound Therapy - Anne Elizabeth Fleming

AUTUMN 2012 - articles include:

Avebury PEACE Environmental Essence - Elly Yule
Flower Essences and Electromagnetic Sensitivity - Jill Stern
Reducing the effects of Electromagnetic frequencies - Sue Lilly
Exploring the Nature of Sound (part 1) - Clare G Harvey
Florachology - Colin Kingshot
Essences and Sound - Adventures in Japan with Butterfly and Sea Essences - Erik Pelham
The Pink Essences - Ann Callaghan

LATE SUMMER 2012 - articles include:

Breath Easy - (Part 3) - Debbie Adamson
EM Pollution and Electromagnetic Stress - Dr. Andrew Tresidder
Open Letter - Dr. Andrew Tresidder
Reflextion on the Gathering - Karen Reid
What on Earth is going on? - Ronnie Williams
Bach Flower Remedies and Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Judith O'Hagan
The Atlantic Essences - Muriel Pichard
Chalice Well Essences - Natasha Wardle
The Glastonbury Zodiac Essences - An Greenheart, Sohpie Knock and Casey Jon

SPRING 2012 - articles include:

Discerning of Essences - Dawn White
Heart to Heart - Debbie Adamson
Making Environmental Essences - Jan Stewart
Updating Dr. Bach - an evolutionary approach to his work - Rosano Souto
Experiences with Essences - A student's journey with Flower Essences - Sheila Hicks Balgobin

AUTUMN 2011 - articles include:

Gill Edwards - Dr. Andrew Tresidder
Plant profile - Meadowsweet - Sarah Cowan
Alaskan Essences in social service - Debbie Sellwood
Gardening and the Bach Flower Remedies - Victoria Willson

LATE SUMMER 2008 - articles include:

Essence interview - David Corr talks to Julian Barnard
Plant profile - Rosehips by Jan Stewart
Making Sea Essences - Erik Pelham
EFT and Essences - Elly Yule
Flower Essences and Soul lessons - Debbie Sellwood
The Self-imposed limits of Energy work - Tony Richardson
It's on the Cards! - Marion Davies
The Beat of the Drum - Sahra Smith