International Essence Awareness Week

September 14th - 21st September 2019

Launched in 2014, International Essence Awareness Week (IEAW) is the BFVEA's annual awareness-raising event. BFVEA Members, Friends and essence lovers everywhere are invited to open a showcase and share with the wider world their knowledge of and enthusiasm for flower and vibrational essences, taking on the role of Champions for this important therapeutic modality.

Usually held as a new educational year begins in September and during a week close to the the Autum equinox, dates are carefully chosen to link with new or full moon and planetary timings considered to be helpful with communication.

In preparing for IEAW, BFVEA Committee members work together and with Area Co-ordinators to compile a Calendar of Events. This can and may include some of the following:

· talks, workshops and seminars sharing information about the benefits of essences

· walks in nature as well as urban areas to link with trees, plants, and the four elements

· displays in local libraries, community centres and other suitable locations

· demonstrations of essence making

· talks on local radio, articles in local newspapers and community magazines

· discounted 1-1 essence consultations

· daily link-ups on Facebook

· videos on YouTube - interviews conducted by our Chair with essence producers as well as prominent figures in the essence-making world

· evening meditations to create a nationwide/worldwide link with nature and between BFVEA friends and members

We encourage networking across local communities to spread the word about the many uses of flower and vibrational essences. At a time when mental health issues amongst adults and the younger generation are very much to the fore, we in BFVEA believe that we are ideally placed to offer information that can make a positive difference to people's lives, and are happy to make links with individuals, groups and organisations in the field of local business, education and healthcare in the community.

Members not wishing to create events themselves are invited to place their essences in their homes to create a sanctuary of peace and healing during IEAW. Creativity is also encouraged, as well as maybe keeping a journal of their thoughts and experiences during this week.

Any time spent by members contributing in any way to IEAW can be counted towards their annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) audit for membership renewal.

If you are not a BFVEA Member or Friend and wish to be involved in IEAW please contact Dawn to have your contribution listed on the BFVEA website.