BFVEA Annual Gathering 2020 - Programme of event

Friday 13th March

4.00 - Welcome from our Chair, Sara Turner

4.05 - 4.15 - Opening meditation with Chris Bailey

4.15 - 4.25 - Jan Stewart - Remembering

Nikki-Marianna Hope -  Tel: 0791 871 5011

Co-Creating a Peace & Joy Essence

I am really looking forward to leading us all on an adventure into Peace and Joy and what an awesome year for this essence to be created!

We will be co-creating a 2020 Peace and Joy essence so please bring 3 things with you - an essence bottle (with preservative in it if you wish), 2 small items from nature, one which brings you Peace and the other which brings you Joy.

Each of us who wish to, will share our 'story' about the items we have brought with us and then place them close to the bowl of water, for the water to absorb their fabulous energies.  The water will be left to 'settle' during the weekend on a table in the conference room.  The Mother essence will be shared out before the end of the weekend, to anyone who would like to take a bottle home with them.  

Presentation 4.35 pm - 5.15 pm

Saskia Marjoram,  07554 187 006

Essence Sprays

Saskia has been distilling plants primarily for their hydrosols for some time now, which she uses in sprays and their vibrational qualities as well as their pjysical properties, are very powerful.

For the past few years Saskia has been experimenting with diluting the hydrosols down as you would a mother essence and the results she is getting with clients are very interesting and she is looking forward to sharing some of her insights and results as well as the practical process of distilling with you.

This talk will be followed by a practical demonstration, weather permitting, when you will have the opportunity of experiencing some of these new essences for yourself.

Presentation 5.30 pm - 5.50 pm

Rafe Nauen  Tel: 07889 523 164

Constellation therapy is a method developed by many people over the last 50 years, to show the hidden dynamics within systems. Rafe will show us that by  using playpeople, pieces of felt or participants in a workshop, you get to see why you keep repeating patterns of behaviours that do not seem to serve you.

Presentation 6.00 pm - 6.45 pm

8.45 - 9.45  AGM

Saturday 14th March

Maria Martin Email:

Topical applications of Bach Flower Essences

Maria will be talking this morning about how we can apply the flower essences of Dr. Bach to acupuncture sites by working with  Deborah Craydon & Warren Bellow´s Floral Acupuncture, and Bach Flower Body Map.   This unique system of working with the essences developed by Dietmar Kramer in which 242 areas of the body correlate to each of the Bach Flower Remedies mapped out in diagrams.

Presentation 9.30 am - 10.00 am

In this interactive presentation, Bonny will share love letters, brainstorming and mind maps; three methods she uses to engage clients in processing past and present life experience with the support of flower essences.  With these methods you can explore the connections between past and present feelings, as well as uncover the deepest layer of feeling that underpins emotional and mental patterns.  This will be a fun, creative process, so do bring coloured pencils and paper to fully participate.

Presentation 10.15 am - 11.30 am

Taking a journey with Cornish Holy Well Essences

Explore our connection with Holy Wells and sacred springs through taking the journey with Cornish Holy Well Essences.  Many Holy Wells are on pilgrimage routes and as we experience our essence journeys, we will have an opportunity to consider the rolw of pilgrimage in our current lives.

Lesley Oates lives in Cornwall and regularly visits holy wells and sacred sites to make essences. Lesley is the producer of Cornish Holy Well Essences, and works in co-creation with the shared energy, light beings, and devas present in these wonderful places.

Presentation 1.45 pm - 2.30 pm

Amy Murphy-Watts   Tel: 07753 986 810

World Wide Web versus World Wide Wisdom
Ancient wisdom, modern technology - can the two work together?

For centuries we have communed with nature, connected with Mother earth and the vibrational energy all around us.

With the internet seeming to be the new 'wisdom' how can we bring the two together.  Being both beneficial and detrimental to nature, the internet and social media is her to stay.

Hear how Amy has wrestled with the new and old coming together, embracing technology on her own terms whilst becoming more connected with nature and essences that ever before.

Presentation 2.45 pm - 3.30 pm

Sharon Keenan  Tel: 0789 909 5279

Urban Essences:  Connecting with Nature in the Heart of the City

Living in Cities can bring us many benefits, such as improved access to resources, work opportunities, socialisation etc. but it can also bring challenges.  These challenges can include the effects of light, air, sound and EMF pollution, the feeling of being 'overcrowded' while at the same time feeling socially isolated.  These stresses are a recent addition to our human story, but the toll on health is beginning to be recognised.  There is now a term to describe the disconnect from Nature 'Nature Deficit Disorder'

Finding ways to connect with Nature in the City is becoming increasingly important for our individual and collective health.

In this talk Sharon will share information of how Essences can support city dwellers, as well as news of projects around the UK which are helping communities become more resilient through improving connecting with Nature.

Presentation 3.45 pm - 4.30 pm

Dr Andrew,

The Essence of being

Dr. Andrew Tresidder will once again intrigue and entertain us with an overview of Human Software, technological retuning, Interpersonal Energy Flows and Personal Development.

Presentation 4.45 pm - 6.00 pm



7.00 - Pre Dinner Reception followed by Gala Dinner
Sunday 15th March
Sam Cremnitz  Tel: 01379 608059

The Path of the Introvert and the Sacred Masculine
The challenge: a year of exploring the inner introvert and the Divine masculine. 

Exploring who we are and how we relate to ourselves is a big part of the journey of self-exploration that we are all on. In this personal look at facing the challenges of being an introvert's introvert, whilst also trying to make friends with his Divine masculine, Sam will explore the highs and lows of the inner journey and how the beautiful energies of vibrational essences have helped, cajoled and unlocked that journey.  All journeys are an exploration to be shared, so come and find out the experiences, wisdom, insights and pitfalls that have come from this year long challenge.

Presentation 9.40 am - 10.25 am

Erik Pelham Tel: 01507 450382

The Coming of the Divine Energies into the Work of Essences and the New Age on this Planet.

Erik will tell the story of the New Age and the ending of the 13th Cosmic Ray of Evil; the very special activation of each of us to the higher work for humanity and our planet; how the Divine Gods and Goddesses are now coming to raise and transform the quality of our lives with essences and by other means; how they are doing this and how we can respond and create heaven on earth.  The transformation of life.

Presentation 10.50 am - 11.35 am

Travel with Verbeia
Verbeia, Celtic-Roman Goddess of Wharfedale, has now called Jenny to explore much wider areas than the moorland of Ilkley. Travel with Verbeia, from the tiny bubbling springs of the River Wharfe’s several sources, through confluence points with other rivers and her final flowing out into the North Sea and the global waterway. What might we take from this journey with nature, the energies encountered and the essences made along the way?

Presentation 1.45 pm - 2.30 pm

Journeying with the Plant Spirits

Join Anne as she shares her journey of discovering and working with plant spirits as a Plant Spirit Healer and Druidic Priestess and how this has inspired her in creating and working with flower and vibrational essences.  The session will include a guided visualisation journey for participants to meet a plant spirit ally and receive guidance from them.

Presentation 3.00 pm - 3.45 pm