BFVEA Annual Gathering

The BFVEA hold an Annual Gathering every year.  Details of 2020 event will be available in July. 

Join Dr Andrew Tresidder in West Wiltshire on Monday 17th June 6.00 - 9.00 pm for an introductory evening, set amidst a lovely walled garden . It is open to practitioners, clients or gardeners (in fact anyone interested). For more information click here

International Essence Awareness Week – IEAW

14 - 21 September 2019

International Essence Awareness Week – now an established fixture in the BFVEA's annual calendar – is our opportunity to celebrate all that we know and love in the world of flower and vibrational essences. With a full moon on September 14 and the Autumn Equinox close by on September 23 it's time for us to blossom, sharing our passion, knowledge and experience of essences with a wider community, pushing out the boundaries of understanding and awareness of vibrational medicine to create more pathways for essences to travel along.

Bach Flower Remedies: Transform your home into Healing Place for you&others