Doing the Divine Will in Making Essences - Erik Pelham

Spirit is powerful but invisible, we feel it but can’t touch it and it daily shapes our life without ever commanding us. How did I move away from a comfortable career as a photographer, working for clients like the National Trust, to working full time for and with invisible Beings? This is what I want to explore in this article and through it give some pointers that will hopefully
help to inspire or guide you in your journey with essences.

The Rules in Place
After many years of close communication with Spirit I have realised that there is a very clear ‘modus operandi’ through which the Spirit World works. That is what we call a ‘protocol’ in business language. Everything is ruled by the Divine
Will, which is a very clear set of rules and directions through which all of creation works. If it was not in place everything would be totally chaotic. From the Divine point of view this involves a lot of planning and good judgment and the ability to see forwards and backwards in time, and see into every place and situation in creation.
It is the all-important Divine Will that guides all beings and all of life to work cohesively as ONE. It is not decided by one Omnipotent Being who we may call God or OM, however; it is actually decided by a whole Divine Committee of Gods
and Goddesses that meet regularly, a bit like a large company here on Earth.

As my wife, Jane, will tell you, I am obsessed with doing the Divine Will in everything! When I was five years old, in India, I very nearly died when I fell off a top bunk of a train during my sleep and cut my head right open. The doctor who stitched me up was amazed that I had survived, saying that if it had been a fraction deeper I would have died instantly. I knew then that Spirit, or OM, was keeping me alive for some reason and after that I literally gained a new God Consciousness and all kinds of Divine thoughts and inspiration came to me.

I always loved light and colour as well as music, so in my teens my twin hobbies were photography and playing lead guitar in a pop group. But the photography won out and I became Head of the University Photographic Society as well as a professional photographer later on. I bought a colour meter so I could do very accurate colour photographs for the National Trust, which paid off as I got a huge amount of work, re-photographing many paintings that had been photographed poorly before. But other forces were guiding me more and more towards essences and I started using the Bach Flower Remedies in the early eighties, like many other people. Jane and I lived nearby to the Bach Flower Centre and I became their
photographer, doing a book cover and other pictures for them at one time. Yet with essences I started exploring the ‘inner light’ rather than the ‘external light’ in photography. Then in the late eighties my life took a new direction, when Steve Johnson taught me to use a pendulum on his November 1987 Glastonbury course and to ‘tune in’ to flower devas. I actually heard a Fuchsia deva speaking to me directly, telling me what the essence was for – I was amazed, as the voice sounded very familiar and natural, like I had always known it. Life was getting very interesting! On his course Steve explained that
it is the ‘super-conscious’ of the mind that moves the pendulum. I knew that for me it was different, that SOMEONE ELSE was moving it, and I wanted to know who that someone was!! To my excitement I found out it was my Spirit Guide and that her name was ‘Alina’.

New Communications
Over the next few months my fluency and communication with Spirit just got better and better and soon I was finding out all sorts of secrets about life and how it is organised. But there were some major surprises in store for me. One Sunday morning I was using my pendulum and talking with Alina my Guide when suddenly the whole energy of the room changed. An amazing presence had arrived; there was a sort of hush which pervaded the room.
“Who is here?” I nervously asked.
“Om,” was the reply.
“I need proof,” I said, rather irreverently.
“You will get it,” was the reply and the pendulum went crazy!

Then came the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. A curious fizzing sensation spread from my crown chakra down through my body. It was a most peculiar but very pleasant sensation and when it came to my heart area I felt an incredibly strong beat from a spherical heart right in the centre of my chest.

That’s funny I thought, because my heart should be on the left of my chest... I put the left hand where my heart should be and the right hand on this strongly beating heart and then it hit me – I had two hearts beating in me at the same time!! Amazing... The sensation then passed quickly through the rest of my body. At first I was in shock, then I asked Alina what it was. “Om,” she replied. “Only Om has a spherical heart in the centre of his chest.” I had no words. After three more months of incredible proofs from the Spiritual World it all stopped and I was left with my telepathic and pendulum communication
only. I became desperately sad, as I felt as if I had been in heaven and was now booted out! I asked Alina why this had happened, and she told me: “You asked for proof and we gave it to you. Now you must trust.”

So that is what I am doing, or to be honest, learning to do. So how do each of us communicate with the Spiritual World? Well for each person it is different:you may see, hear, smell, feel and so on, but for most of us it is telepathic, with the added confirmation of the pendulum, or some other form of dowsing. Yet how do we know what the Divine Will is for us individually? All I can say is that we become filled with an inner KNOWING that cannot be explained in words. We each have our own unique and special job to do or role to play and our Spirit Guide makes sure we get where we need to be with that, and meet the people we have to meet to make it happen. Sometimes we are activated by a dream, sometimes a message that may come through another person,sometimes a plant, animal or flower talks to us – for each person it is different. Our Spirit Guide is generally someone closely related to us in our Soul Family who is very familiar with us over many lifetimes. They sit in our Astral Body generally communicating with all aspects of our Being.

Many events happen often very easily and naturally, that may at first seem like chance or coincidence but in hindsight you can see that it is not. We mayget a sudden impulse from a beautiful walk in Nature or something may unexpectedly come from some hard work we have been doing. See the Divine Will like a flowing river, so when you are in the mainstream you are flowing naturally with everything and everybody, and when you try and step out of that and impose your own wishes or agenda on things, often things just go wrong. You are going against the flow and often others tell you have gone off the track by their own unhappiness or reaction to you. Sometimes we take a wrong turn by following some pleasure or addiction we may have. Thenclarity about our path may seem to be blocked from us. If this happens talk to your Guide and ask if you can be helped back onto your path again. For flower essence people like us often the flower deva will tell you what you need to know at a particular point in time. Don’t be afraid to ask – remember that the whole world is there for your wellbeing.

Remember that your special work was probably planned a very long time ago, so even if things seem dull and mediocre at times, that has all been factored in ultimately to make the whole of your life an incredibly meaningful and worthwhile experience. We need the balance of the active and the passive – the Yin and the Yang. The up movement needs to be matched by the down movement. We are all great Light Beings, on our way back home to the Divine, whatever outward appearances may suggest. Co-operation with others can also bring us back to our path when we may have felt pretty lost for some time.

Now when we get our instructions from Above it is not always easy to carry them out; our intention and commitment is often tested by Spirit so when we see the way forwards clearly we may suddenly be blocked when we act on it. This is when we can lose trust and forward momentum. The answer is to keep the faith, keep the trust. The great Teacher and Master of the Great White Brotherhood, ‘White Eagle’ gave the advice “Keep on keeping on”. That says it all. Your commitment to your path is very important and is key to your success in life. If you feel you take a wrong turn, it doesn’t matter as there will always
be more opportunities to get it right. Every decision we take is always another opportunity for our Soul to learn and grow. Time is the great Divine Gift – we always have more opportunities to improve and get things right.

My Way of Essence-Making
So how do we go about making a new essence or a new product? I communicate with a series of Master Beings who have an overview of particular areas of life and they often give me the next step or steps. For example, the set of twenty-eight Whale and Dolphin essences started with OM giving me specific instructions in 2005. The details were initially up to me, so first I bought a book on them to learn about the different species of whale and dolphin. I had worked with the six Master Ocean Devas of the planet, and I knew that the one who was in touch with all dolphins and whales as well as all sea devas was
‘Timia’, the Master Deva of the Pacific Ocean. When I spoke to him for guidance he told me that one of my autistic sons had
to be present at the birth of each new essence. This happened quite rarely, so it had to be a weekend when they were home from their special schools. The elder boy Alexander was the facilitator for the Whale Essences, and then younger autistic son Joey was the facilitator for the Dolphin Essences. The protocol was always the same; on a Sunday morning Timia would tell me that a whale or dolphin essence would come that day depending on which son was at home. At about 4pm I would take two bottles of brandy and water into our drawing room with that particular son, and Timia would then connect us with the Soul Pair of whale or dolphin Beings of the species we were going to make that day. For instance, my Sperm Whale essence was made by two whales called Susih Kokkima (the female) and Sussa Kokkesi (the male); in this way balance can be brought to the essence.

Once connection had been established I would put my arms around my son from behind, holding the bottles against his heart, allowing the Soul Pair to then energise both bottles with their essence. This was really thrilling stuff. Then it was trying the essence, tuning into the pair of them and ascertaining the properties directly through my own Being. It was very exciting!

This was an example of how the Divine Will worked for these essences, but you will notice that there was always a clear protocol or form behind the process. The force behind all this is Love. This is the great secret of cooperation with the
Spirit World. I hope I have managed to shed some more light on this subject.

Thanks be to God.