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The Article below was taken from the Summer 2019 issue of ESSENCE magazine the official publication of the BFVEA.


FOR QUITE A WHILE I had had an oppressive feeling in my home, and I realised that this lifted when out in the open air. Eventually I deduced that the sense of oppression was due to electromagnetic frequencies. So in 2005 I began working on what was to become my home and vehicle harmoniser (HVH), with the aim of bringing nature’s energy into our everyday lives in order to provide relief and promote general well-being.

My initial instinct was to work with the power of light. So my first attempt at the HVH was using seven 10ml bottles, each covered with a different-coloured cellophane filter, one for each for colour of the Sun’s rainbow spectrum. This allowed each to be transmitted into a good quality oil. The bottles were placed in an array to match the Sun’s spectrum across the surface of a pine base 4” in depth, so that energy could ‘flow’ naturally. The end result worked to some degree in eliminating electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in the home, emitting energy through the bottles into the surrounding space of my
home. This first attempt gave me the inspiration to try improving its function. Experimenting further I created the product using 5ml, 25ml and 30ml bottles, but through dowsing with all these I found that the 10ml bottle was indeed the most effective version. I used dowsing all throughout the process to see just how much my developing HVH was influencing the environment, turning a negative effect into an increasingly positive one.

In 2009 I discovered the special quality that spring water has, in that it holds the seven primary colour rays which comes about as the spring water filters through green pastures and rolling hills influenced by the sun. In contrast, mineral water filters through rock, never having seen the light of day. The bottled water companies do not appear to know the difference between spring and mineral water. It is my opinion that the plastic in the bottle will not leach into spring water, whereas with mineral water it does. In 2009 I also began to create flower essences, and in doing this I used only spring water
with no preservative. I did try using alcohol and then grapefruit extract, though found that some of the healing quality was lost. The essences made in that year are still fresh today.

Once I had learnt that spring water holds the light rays of colour, this replaced oil as the basis of my Home and Vehicle Harmoniser. I also now began to addflower essences that I had created in my local area, sometimes singly and at
other times in combinations. Eventually in 2017 one essence stood out fromall the others I had used, which was Great Lettuce (Lactuca virosa). This essencewas negating EMFs far more than in previous attempts, in relation to the
effect of my TV, mobile phone, microwave oven, hi-fi and computer. My desire to improve the HVH continued even further and, in 2018, I added a second essence, made from the blossoms of Aloe Vera. The EMFs were now eliminated
at a much higher level.

I began dowsing to see if the HVH could be used as a therapeutic tool, and not just for radiation protection. My pendulum indicated that no matter how serious the issue, HVH might re-ignite a weakened chakra energy system. It also indicated that the HVH could perhaps negate the geopathic stress caused by mobile phone masts, tetra masts, underground streams, black lay lines and other negative energies. Professional research has revealed that approximately 9000 lives are lost each year from indoor air pollution. My dowsing suggests that the HVH might reduce the amount of chemicals from the home coming
from your carpets, furniture, paint work and cleaning products Also that it possibly eliminates parabens used as a preservative in painkillers. It also appears to clean any vegetables purchased in supermarkets from pesticide residues, cleanse a jug of tap water in five minutes and detoxify the human body of heavy metals and chemicals over a period of approximately one month. Its use in vehicles is still ongoing, but initial tests indicate that it may well reduce the amount of particulate pollution produced. However as for all things of this sort, extensive testing is necessary.

I think my HVH is now as near perfect as it can be and I am happy with the end product. It holds Mother Earth spirit energy which I call Universal Energy, and will always vibrate above negative energies. Obviously, the HVH needs further
use and experimentation, and so I am very happy to send out a few bottles if anyone based in the UK would like to try it. Please get in touch via the email below.

I hope that the result helps to harmonise you and your home.

David Bland is a Friend of the BFVEA can be contacted on david614000@gmail.com