Key BFVEA activities:

  • operate with the Bach Centre, as the Confederation of Registered Essence Practitioners (COREP) the lead body for essence therapy;
  • raise interest in and awareness of flower and vibrational essences in the UK and overseas;
  • provide guidelines, set standards and accredit your courses for training essence practitioners;
  • monitor and advise on current legal requirements for essence therapy and production;
  • provide the public with a list of registered practitioner members;
  • offer and affordable block insurance scheme for our essence practitioners and producers;
  • present an informative website offering information about essences and the BFVEA;
  • publish a professional, illustrated magazine ESSENCE and a free quarterly e-newsletter, both containing current articles, thoughts and research on essences;
  • act as a forum for research into all aspects of essence use in which members can be involved.