The BFVEA Annual Gathering 2020 will be a celebration of the BFVEA's 23rd year.  Bookings for our event next year will start from 1st September. Do check back in July to find out details of the BFVEA Annual Gathering 2020 or click here for more information now.

The article that I have chosen to highlight this issue is The Essence of Success by Sabina Pettitt.  To read the whole article click here



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The BFVEA is a friendly association which was established in 1998 to support and serve the best interests of all practitioners of flower and vibrational essence therapy as well as providing an information resource for the general public.  In 2013 it helped form the essence therapy lead body – the Confederation of Registered Essence Practitioners ( - which now serves as the knowledge base for essence practice in the UK.  The BFVEA is supported by well known essence enthusiasts such as our Lifetime Presidents Dr. Andrew Tresidder and the actor Martin Shaw.

Use our website to learn more about essences, find or become an accredited, registered practitioner, discover how to train in essence therapy, sign up for our magazine and free e-newsletter, join a local essence group or find details of events, including our annual conference.

If you decide to become a BFVEA member, you will join an international group that ranges from top essence practitioners to the newly qualified.  Our activities, regular publications and secure Members’ section on the website will ensure that you need never feel alone in the essence world.  Free listing on the BFVEA Directory and paid listing on the GRCCT National Register will increase potential access to clients in your area.  The group insurance scheme offers you affordable cover for UK practitioners, tutors and producers and our on-going research programme provides opportunities to personally explore the efficacy of your own essence treatments.   Finally, our close connection with the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP) will keep you abreast of legal changes affecting essence production, labelling and use. Come and join us!