Programme for the 21st BFVEA Annual Gathering - 23rd - 25th March 2018  (confirmed speakers correct as of 29.9.17)

Friday 23rd March

4.00pm Registration and tea

4.55pm Welcome from the chair and White Hawk

5.00pm Opening meditation with Chris Bailey

5.10pm-6.10 pm Dominique Le Bourgeois

Title: Flower Essences - A Love Story:  
Summary: Dominique will share the highlights of the literal and symbolic love affair she has had with essences.  This started with her ex-husband, John, bringing home Nora Weeks’ book on The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach. A trip to Mount Vernon and a life-long friendship with Nora followed.   John then attended the initial meeting of the BFVEA at Buckland Hall and encouraged her to become involved.  Since then she has befriended many other key personalities in the essence world at home and abroad. The personal stories of her experiences over the years will give unique insights into the development and expansion of essence therapy in the post Bach period.


6.20pm- 6.50pm Recorded interview with Julian Barnard and Sara Turner


7.00pm - 8.00pm Dinner


8.20pm -9.30pm



Saturday 24th March

9.00am-9.55am Chris Bailey and Jenny Howarth

Title: Arthur Bailey, his life, his work, his legacy

Summary:  Chris Bailey will reflect on the 50 years of Bailey Essences, giving a picture of the the complexity of Arthur’s life and his adventures through engineering, dowsing and the essences.

She will also share some of her own personal journey over the ten years since Arthur died , culminating last Summer in the creation of an exquisite, new essence ‘the Mended Heart’.



10.10am -11.05 am Andrew Tresidder

Title: A personal journey with flower essences

Summary: Andrew invites us to join a voyage of understanding


11.05-11.20 am Coffee break


11.20am-12.20pm Simon and Sue Lilly

Title: Trees and their Flower Essences

Summary: From the tiny acorn of the tree flower essences that Dr Bach did NOT include in his range, Green Man Essences has now grown to include over 100 native and naturalised trees. Simon and Sue have also developed sounds, symbols, colour sequences and correspondences for each of the essences and invite you to explore some of the trees.

Tel: 01591 610792





1pm-2pm  Lunch

 2.00-3.00pm Vivien Williamson

Title: The British Flower and Vibration Essence Association - Start of a New Paradigm

Summary: Vivien Williamson, with input from Rose Titchiner, charts the birth of the BFVEA and some of the ideals that motivated it's beginning. They also ponder some of the formative experiences that have shaped their understanding and roles within the essence world.





3.00pm- 3.15pm break


3.15pm-4.00 pm Sharon Keenan

Title:  Know your Nettles

Summary:  Nettles have long been known to humanity as a versatile plant which can provide medicine, food and textiles. Known to herbalists as agent which can help us adapt physically to stress, Nettle is now stepping forward as a 'meta-physical adaptogen'. A potent ally to help us repair ourselves, individually and collectively, from depletion. Nettle can help us see the vision of a sustainable New Earth .. and then give us the tools to help make it so.



4.00-  4.10 pm Tea


4.10 pm 4.55 pm  Davyd Farrell

Title: Plant diets - Going deeper with the Green Beings

Summary: Davyd will share how dieting with plants can take us into a deeper space with certain plants and allow us to connect more fully with the Green Beings. This further opens up the possibility of forming strong allies for assistance and help in our healing and shamanic practices. Plant diets have long been a way for indigenous plant cultures to form stronger links with plants and really understand how they can be worked with in a co-operative way. This practice has long been forgotten in our  lands but now it's time to remember these ancient ways.

Contact: Davyd Farrell Co-Founder and & Events Director - Archetype Events

Tel:+44 7507 130147/ 01597 851418



4.55pm 5.10 pm  Break


5.10pm- 5.55pm Heidi Wyldwood

Title:  The Brighid Path Essences

Summary:   A Pilgrim's tale of how a twenty day vigil as Flame Keeper, and a month long journey through England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland in the name of Brighid, manifested twenty essences.  Ancient wisdom teachings, born of fire and water, for a modern age. 




5.55 pm- 6.25 Break get ready for Gala Dinner

6.25pm -7.00pm Reception hosted by Chris Bailey and Jenny Howarth to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bailey Essences.


7.00pm- 8.00pm Gala Dinner


8.15pm Evening entertainment

Back by popular demand both Dawn White and White Hawk will do one to one readings.  Dawn, will do aura readings and White Hawk one to one rattle aura readings.


Sunday25th March


Suzanne Thomas

Title: How YOU can help to heal your community.


In these times of change and chaos, find out how You can help heal your community using the power of thought via earth energy lines, with the Fountain International concept.




Amy Murphy Watts

Title: How we learnt to dis-empower cancer using essences, mindfulness and diet.

Summary: After learning that my husband had prostate cancer we began a new chapter in our lives. Determined not to feel helpless and let the routine orthodox treatments dictate our lives we found other holistic ways to work alongside medicine. As a family this helped us to find focus and we discovered a new more balanced way of living. 

Tel: 07753 986810/ 01428 725519

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11.30-12.00 Break and shopping time


12.00-1.00pm Lunch



Jan Stewart

Title:  The Secret Life of Edward Bach

Summary: Very little is known about Edward Bach’s personal life  and Jan has spent nearly four years trying to fill in some of the missing details.  Many of the findings she will share are new and original, being sourced from various experts and distant relatives.  So come along and be prepared to be surprised, amused, even shocked; and also to share any information you may have of Bach’s secret life..



1.45pm-2.00 Break

2.00pm-2.45 pm Rosana Souto

Title: Results of the use of flower essences in sprays at a school in Brazil

 Summary: Evaluating the effectiveness of flower essences in sprays at classrooms has been the main goal of this research pilot, run with Saint Germaine Flower Essences at a school, in Brazil. Rosana Souto will share the challenges and results of this pioneering initiative.




Sam Cremnitz

Title:  Vibrational Essences – A key to global transformation

Summary: Have you ever wondered how we as inter-connected individuals contribute to the whole and co-create our world? Through the magic of Vibrational Essences, sacred geometry and plant consciousness, we’ll explore this inter-connection and how we can change our world from the inside out.



3.45pm Closing circle and farewell

4.00pm Tea