Programme for the BFVEA Gathering

Friday 24th -26th March 2017 (correct as of 16.12.2016)

Friday 24th March

4.00pm registration and tea

4.55pm welcome from the chair

5.00pm \opening meditation/reading

5.15pm-5.45pm Space clearing ceremony: Bring essence sprays for clearing, singing bowls, smudge sticks, musical instruments etc.


Presenter Lesley Oates

Title:  Take the Voyage with Cornish Holy Well Essences

Summary: Holy Well Essences are an interpretation of environmental energy signatures experienced at Holy wells and sacred springs in Cornwall and their connection to our innate ancestral knowledge.  The different essences invite you to take a voyage through your current issues to find your inner compass.


7.00pm - 8.00pm Dinner


8.30pm Evening Dawn White: Back by popular demand Dawn will be giving  Aura Readings


Saturday 25th March

Breakfast up to 9.00am


Presenters: Chris Bailey and Jenny Howarth

Title: The Arthur Bailey Memorial Talk

Summary: ‘Peace in all universes, from the smallest cells in the body to the greatest galaxies in space.’ Chris will bring the experience which she and Arthur shared as the Cellular Memory composite es-sence was created. At the time, Arthur said this was the key to the whole range of essences, working ‘at the deep-est level, with the lightest touch.’  Jenny will share the experience of using this powerful composite essence in her practice.



Workshop Facilitator: Sara Turner

Title: Getting the best from using social media.

Summary: We will be focussing on facebook. Bring your laptops/ipads etc and join us in finding how to share work and business more successfully. On going over the weekend.


10.40am-10.50am coffee

10.50am-12.00 BFVEA AGM


Workshop Facilitator: Nikki Marianna Hope

Title: Gentle intuitive shamanic journeying with drums.

Summary: Please bring drums, shakers, singing bowls or whatever takes your fancy.

Or just bring yourself. No previous experience or sense of rhythm necessary.


KKI Sounds inspiring inner stillness

Tel: 0791 87 15011


1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch

2.05pm- 2.50pm

Workshop Facilitators: Chris Phillips & White hawk

Title: Come dowse with me.

Summary: We will be sharing with you our methods of dowsing for personal and professional use with an emphasis on working with essences. Bring a pendulum. 

If you don't have one, some pendulums will be available.





Presenter: Tigrilla Gardenia

Title: Connecting with the Music of the Plants.

Summary: What would happen if you gave plants the ability to interact with us in a way we could understand? Researchers set out to do in the 1970s. This led to the development of a device that enables plants and trees to create music! Interacting with a variety of stimuli, plants create melody and harmony. In this sonic and interactive talk, Tigrilla Gardenia will take us through the research and give a glimpse into the audible world of plant musicians.



4.25pm-4.45pm tea

4.45pm- 5.30pm

Presenter: Julie Bowman

Title: Sea Essences

Summary: Essences made from seaweeds and the story behind them.




Presenters: Everyone (Hosted by White Hawk)

 Title: Speed essences

 Summary: You've heard of speed dating. We will be doing speed essences. Whether a practitioner, producer or essence taker, join us for a fun way to share info about your favourite essence in one and a half minutes! (You can bring more than one essence in case we have time for a second round).


7.00pm- 8.00pm Gala Dinner


8.15pm Evening entertainment


Sunday26th March

Breakfast up t0 9.00am


Presenter: Erik Pelham

Title: Fulfilling the Divine Will  through Essences

Summary: How I tune in to the Higher Will, communicate with the Spiritual World and find the right Course of Action for the Creation of New Essences. The energization process is done by Spirit Beings themselves, but I work with them with the help of Master Beings.



Presenters: Sara Turner & Ronnie Williams

Title:  International Essence Awareness Week.

Summary: Sharing the results of previous years and our plans going forward from


Tel: Ronnie Williams 01457 853563



10.30am-11.00am Tea (vacate room)


Presenter: Heather K Veitch

Title:  A Witch’s Essence Apothecary

Summary: Everything is energy. Magic is energy with intention.  Join Heather, a practising Witch of 30 years, as she shares how she has woven together the threads of witchery and vibrational essences to augment and enhance her magical work. Broomsticks optional!



12.00-1.00pm Lunch



Workshop Facilitator: Jo Gough

Title: Encouraging confidence in toning.

Summary: An experiential workshop to open and enjoy creating sound freely.



Tel:  07904 124924


1.40pm-2.05 Shopping time



Presenter: Juin Gibson

Title: Dreaming with Almond, Orange and Mimosa


Summary: I was delighted to feel welcomed home and positively ‘grabbed’ by an Almond tree which communicated to me how we could be mutually supportive in these fast changing times we are living through. I agreed to stay on in Andalucía, retreating with 3 trees; Almond, Orange and Mimosa. Come and hear me share my account of what happened next. 

Contact: Juin

fb: Wildheart Alchemy



Workshop Facilitator: Helen Ward

Title: Accessing the Sacred Way.

Summary: Using her Solar Radiance essences, Helen will take you on a guided journey deep into the heart, to see what can be discovered there.


3.45pm Closing circle and farewell

4.00pm Tea