Teaching at the Chalice Well, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury.

July 15th to July 16th 2017

Dolphin & Whale Essences Course

This is a new two day Course on the Dolphin and Whale Essences and I will give an Introduction to the Divine Master plan for our Planet, which introduces these wonderful Beings as our brothers and sisters on this earth. They are longing to reconnect with us, and do so through these essences. How these essences have come about from the Word of Om.

Dolphin Essences. We explore these beautiful essences from the Dolphins and experience them with live music and video. We go into some depth about exactly what the Dolphins are doing in the ocean and why it is so vital that we reconnect with them NOW to save our Planet ! We look at the amazing Healing that Dolphins do and how they do it. Many aspects of the lives are covered in this Course and we will do practical exercises to experience the power and effects of these essences

Whale Essences.  Here we explore these extraordinary beings who are linked with the male power energy of the Planet. What the essences are, why we need them and what great properties the different essences have. We do some practical exercises to experience them. We touch into their amazing world and see how they support us in a powerful way to live with great fulfilment and wellbeing on earth.

This course is certificated and counts towards Teacher Qualifications.

Cost:    £150 for 2 days ( £50 advance deposit required )

Please pay to Erik Pelham by Cheque, Paypal or Bank transfer ( contact us for details )

For a Course Timetable please look on Blog Page or contact us direct.


Call us +44(0)1507 450382 erik@eriksessences.co.uk

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