RACHEL SINGLETON: Essence2Essence Trainings

Rachel offers a programme of CPD workshops each year. These focus on the spiritual nature of being a practitioner and the authentic path of love we walk in order to do this work with others.
Working with whichever essences you are drawn to, Rachel helps you engage directly with the intuitive skill and confidence you need to use these at the deepest level in order to assist others in their health and life.  You will connect with the wonder of working more directly with Spirit, through essences, to gently and meaningfully restore connection with the soul's full potential. These workshops emphasize professionalism, deep knowledge and intuition.

For further details, please go to the website to see what is currently on offer: www.lightbe.co.uk
Or contact Rachel on 01539 437 427 or email: admin@lightbe.co.uk

I’m planning a weekend at West Kennet Long Barrow and Avebury, meeting and exploring some of the energies in this area. We will be staying in a lovely B&B nearby, and I hope we’ll take it over – it only sleeps 6. And I want to keep the numbers low, so that everyone can take all the time they need, whatever happens. We’ll be eating in local pubs and cafés. The plan is to start on Friday evening and go through to some time on Sunday, depending on what time people need to leave to get home. The reason for the Friday evening start is so that we get a good, early start on Saturday morning, but if that isn’t possible for some people, we will find a solution.

The date will be 26th-27th September, and the cost will be approx £140-150 plus meals etc.

Love and blessings