They say never work with Animals !  Amy Murphy-Watts
Recently I had the pleasure of being asked to take my essences to the horses at the Herd Centre in Buriton, run by Catherine Daley. I have to admit to being quite nervous. I haven’t really felt comfortable around horses since I was ten
years old, when a friend of mine put me on her horse and sent it galloping off with me clutching its mane in terror! Not a great first experience. However Catherine assured me beforehand that all would be fine, and that I would not
be put on a horse at all!

So, armed with my box of essences I arrived at this very idyllic destination at the foot of the South Downs, with Catherine waiting for me with a welcoming smile. She owns four beautiful horses, all with very different characters and
beauty. Catherine’s horses are not ridden at all now; some have been ridden in the past, but one has never had a rider on his back at all. The horses are allowed to just ‘be’, which in turn gives them a fabulous energy with which to
work with for those who visit.

When I arrived Catherine took the time to introduce each horse individually, and over the next couple of hours I would come to know more about their history, and how they might be overcoming problems they’ve had in the past
as a result of how they’d been treated. Horses tap into energy on a sensory level; they are constantly aware of how each other and the people around them are feeling, at all times. They do this through their solar plexus and their
heart energy, their emotional apparatus. Horses are known to self-select herbs, and will also self-select essential oils, when given a choice. They instinctively know what they need to make themselves feel in tune, or balanced, or even
physically better. When selecting oils they can be seen to sniff the selected oil by putting their head up in the air, curling their top lip, allowing the essential oil to go straight into their brain and begin its work. Horses have an amazing
connection between their sense of smell and their wellbeing.

So we sat in the field and Beau and Benny came up to us first, both very inquisitive about the new person in their midst. I sat quietly as these two huge beasts came into my space and sniffed me. Benny sniffed my hands and then
proceeded to lick them with gusto! That morning at home I had been working with Clarity Body Oil and essences, so it seemed that that was what was needed for him! We assumed that as horses are responding to energy all the
time, it was the particular energy of Clarity that attracted Benny to my hands.

I noticed Ruby was very much standing alone. Catherine explained that she was not very trusting of people as she hadn’t had the greatest of starts in life. I watched her for a while and was very drawn to her; after all we were both
redheads, so there had to be a connection!

Opening the Essences
Gradually I became accustomed to the size and presence of the horses as they too became used to me. Once Catherine felt they had fully accepted me we laid out the essences and waited to see if they would be interested. If there was something they needed, they would surely choose it. Catherine took the pipette out of each bottle to give each horse
a chance to connect to it if they wished. Three horses came to investigate; Ruby stayed over on the other side of the field. After having a good sniff Benny chose an essence, we couldn’t believe it, he chose Clarity! Having taken it from my hands, he now chose it from the bottle and so he had another dose. It was a wonderful moment, to see an animal so in tune with what they needed, and so able to select it.

We then decided to take the essences into the centre of the field and we simply sat with the bottles, quietly chatting and
waiting. Something happens when you are with horses, in that their beautiful, calming energy really distorts your sense of time. So when I looked at my watch and saw an hour and a half had passed I was stunned! I turned to Catherine and said I would have to go soon, and looked back to Ruby. I really wanted to meet her.

Then something amazing happened: she turned and started to walk towards us. I had put my Release essence into my hands, and I held them out to her. She seemed so huge, towering over me as I sat in the camping chair. I hardly dared
to move. She licked my hands and then allowed me to stroke her, and soon the Reiki energy started to flow. It was an extraordinary experience, one I will never forget. The trust between us was very present. I used Reiki on her flank and
front leg, and then she moved so that she was towering right over my head, and I was looking up at her neck, and we stayed like that for a good while, me stroking and offering essences and Reiki, she trusting and accepting and even
letting her eyelids droop. After about twenty minutes she dropped her head to mine and I kissed her nose. It was a very brief but incredible moment. I have never ever been that close to a horse before and felt so safe. Totally magical. It’s
quite hard to put into words what Ruby gave to me that day.

A Sense of Trust
On leaving the horses I felt an extraordinary sense of peace. By being with The Herd I had taken time out that day to reconnect with myself and with nature. It is something I try to do more of, but life gets in the way. Spending
time in the calm presence of Catherine and the horses gave me time to just be, to think and to open myself up to a fabulous new experience. It is one that I really hope to have again.

Working with essences opens up new experiences to me all the time. On this occasion it was working with Release and Ruby together that allowed me to release the negative programming I was carrying from my childhood about
horses. Thanks to Ruby and her trust in me, I am now able to trust her, and I am looking forward to spending more time in her presence and with other horses. Such a blessing, and a truly wonderful day.

Amy Murphy-Watts is a member of the BFVEA and BAFEP, and is the producer of Nature's Wish essences.  She can be contacted at